hmmmmmmmm feeling like shit tonight

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my mom just asked us “how do you pronounce the word b-a-e?”

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honestly having the best morning with jam. we woke up weirdly early, went for a 3k walk, got breakfast, talked to a cute black TTC guy who was an angel to us. I love Toronto UGH

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also this is so embarrassing but jam and I are making a YouTube account

all the vids will be posted here
it’ll be us doing stupid stuff so like don’t complain cause you all asked for it

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ok I get apocalypse movies but I will never stand behind the seemingly pure bred white leads. get outta here with your blue eyes AS IF

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these last 3 weeks in Paris have been the worst of my life. please please never ask me about it again.

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I can’t wait for school to start, tbh. summer always screws with my mind, a lack of structure is bad for my depressive self and I like not desiring to go sit outside and do nothing.

I also miss God. maybe that’s why I constantly feel so out of wack/out of touch with myself

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feeling low tonight. I want to be home. I don’t want to be here anymore. I feel like I’m wasting my time. it’s not like I think my life world be much better if I was home but at least I wouldn’t feel so empty. I know I’m here for a reason but I don’t know what that reason is and I’m frustrated. I’m long to find stillness in God’s presence tonight and let the weight of everything I feel disappear. I’m hoping things are better over the next 14 days, but right now it feels like forever from now. I swear the day I step foot onto the plane home will be the best day of my life. I need to sleep and escape this feeling.

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ASK ME QUESTIONS PLEASE I may die of boredom if you don’t so my death’ll be on you

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ali is 5 shades of important to me

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