the thing about my selfies is sometimes they get 50 notes and sometimes they get 2 and that’s just something I’ll always have to live with

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I was thinking today about how my dad never calls me or texts me to just ask how I’m doing. He must know I write exams in April, but he never asks. ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ is real, people.

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just lost a follower over those asks

worth it

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so y’all, all I need on this stupid exam tomorrow is an 11% to pass haahahahahha

I honestly care so little. I’m sick and tired and over it. I’m not doing grad school and college cares less about my university grades than I do. I mean I don’t plan to only get an 11% on the exam but if I did I seriously wouldn’t lose sleep. (don’t tell my dad or the small voice in my head telling me I may want to do law school when I’m 30)

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raise your hand if you’re over Internet sexual harassment especially when you’re sick and already 80000% done with the world and it’s subsequent BS 🙋🙋🙋🙋🙋

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I’m emotionally jaded, I’ve come to realize. Growing up, I was always being told that the way I was expressing emotion was either misplaced or inappropriate. Now, as an adult, I cry when I try to be real with people (no matter the subject matter), laugh at sad things and get angry when I don’t like the way people are speaking to/around me. 

Good luck to whichever strong-willed man I hopefully end up with.

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Hey, I’m Jamilla a 23 year old student born and living in Toronto, Canada. So I’ve always followed fashion blogs and been really frustrated with them because everything seems so unattainable! From bloggers ordering new items daily, to being sent gifts to only wearing designer labels, it just seemed really ridiculous that there were no ordinary people who just wanted to share their outfits! So, that’s my motivation for this blog — to simply share my outfits which will sometimes feature more “trendy” or “fashionable” pieces but will actually be at affordable prices (and I mean actually affordable, not like $50.00 because who the hell buys an article of clothing for only one season for that much money???) Hope you like it :)
- Jam 

So basically Jam covered it all. We’re sisters who share each others wardrobes more than the average person and love adding to it. I’m 21, also from Toronto but live in London, Ontario (two hours south in a RIDICULOUS university town). I desperately miss how big city folk don’t think twice at my bare midriff and leather pants, so this blog will be my outlet. I hope you guys love dressing up for average daily tasks as much as we do! We’ll both be posting stuff as often as we feel cute.

- Jas

We started a new blog for our clothes! 
It’ll grow slowly but surely so bear with us.

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In about an hour, I’m being interviewed for a documentary my best friend is putting together about the micro aggression of black women on my university campus. I’m pretty freakin excited.

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There’s nothing like anxiety to keep you up at night.

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tumblr brings us all so close to one another’s blatant sexual frustration. sometimes I’m weirded out, but then I’m like truuuuuuuuuuu

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