I think a lot about people who make fake tweets to post on tumblr

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finally watching the video we made tonight

literally the gist of it is jam saying “severely depressed” and me crunching loudly on carrots like SO LOUD

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and by talk to me I mean ask me things

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why do people only talk to me when I expressly ask you to??? I’m always bored and lonely!! help a sister out

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Don’t let the fear of no notes keep you from posting.

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I’ve been propped up in bed for too long that now both of my hips are seizing up that’s my telltale sign to go to sleep 

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guys it’s Sunday night which is basically just like every night so ask me questions please

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so I finally text my dad after radio silence for a month, and told him we came home from paris early and gave him a quick overview of our harassment/my assaults. his response? 

"wow, that’s terrible. I’m not a fan of Europe either." and is now talking about places he likes visiting in Canada.

and this is why I call bullshit when people are like “dads love, care for a protect their daughters more than anything. they would do/say/be anything for their daughters!!” BULLSHIT

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so back when I was young and stupid in second year I kissed one of my friends who’s now my really good friend and at he time he had a girlfriend (I was STUPID like I said) and the girlfriend who’s now his ex just followed me on Instagram wow what do I do

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we just watched the fifty shades trailer like 3 times in a row. really feeling like I need to read the book again. ughhhhhhhh why

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