Anonymous said: I noticed that you have your conch pierced. How long have you had that piercing? And how long did it take to heal? I got mine done a while back and had it for about 4 months and it never healed. I want to get it done again but I want to do it right because I loved it so much!

yeah the conch is great. I got it about a year and a half ago but healing takes FOREVER I swear mines still healing. be patient, don’t sleep on it when it hurts and clean it religiously for the first 6 months

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Sometimes you gotta Instagram your best friends to remind everyone how much you love them. That’s what this is.

moniabadir wearing an Urban Planet cotton skirt, a Top Shop white tank, Top Shop white sandals and a vintage Nike wind breaker.

Moni wearing my clothes and killing it.

👐 millanic

My ultimates.

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this was a cool thing i saw today

Anonymous said: As someone who's not from Toronto and wants to move there what are some of the areas close to the gta that are safe for a woman alone and affordable?

uhhhhh realistically the GTA isn’t great for women living alone. stay in Toronto, north York is your best bet

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I don’t know how or why my legs look this dark but hey look at me and these two cuties millanic moniabadir

All white and short shorts in one week? I don’t know who I am anymore.